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Beef Producers: Please Send your Consent Form to Montana Beef Council

Every summer in the shadow of the Beartooth Mountains, the Montana Beef Council helps the small town of Absarokee welcome over 30 barbecue vendors. They fire up their smokers at midnight on Saturday and keep watch over their meaty creations for the next 12 hours before the judges arrive to sample their offerings. The sweet, smoky aromas fill the air and by noon on Sunday, the little town of Absarokee is filled with 4,500 barbecue fans craving to taste their wares.

What a great use for our Montana Beef Checkoff dollars!  In just one weekend, these barbecue competitors will use nearly 700 pounds of beef brisket, with an additional 330 pounds of brisket and 300 pounds of tri-tip being used by other food vendors not in the competition. It’s estimated that another 100 pounds of beef is being used in the beef open division. That’s around 1,400 pounds of beef used that weekend alone to satisfy the crowd attracted to Absarokee by their love of beef. At least another 100 pounds is used to tempt attendees during television and radio interviews promoting the event beforehand. In the end, between $7,000-$10,000 in beef purchases are made just for one weekend, one barbecue cook-off and its promotion.

Winning the brisket category is really the biggest prize and accomplishment sought after by the competitors. Each of these teams practice ahead of time on brisket to prepare for competition. Assuming each team buys just one additional brisket for practice, then an additional $2,000 worth of meat is purchased.

An additional benefit of the weekend is the extensive media promotion and on-air cooking demonstrations seen and heard by tens of thousands of people. Viewers are able to see live reactions of people enjoying the brisket on the television ads or hear them describing the great taste on the radio. No one leaves the Montana Barbecue Cook-Off without wanting to go home and try cooking it for themselves or to share the experience with their friends. And remember, the 50 cents of every beef checkoff dollar that remains in the state, administered by your Montana Beef Council is what helps make this beef-centered weekend possible.

Due to the recent decision on June 21 by Judge Brian Morris, the Montana Beef Council will no longer be able to spend our check-off dollars on local projects in our communities, like this one.  Unless each producer gives their prior written consent, the entire dollar you pay for the checkoff will all go to support our national programs.

That’s why we all need to sign the simple one-page Producer Consent Form, that authorizes the Montana Beef Council to retain control of up to 50 cents on every dollar of our Beef Checkoff money. Please download this form, sign it and help support our local Check Off programs.

Personally, I support the Montana Beef Council because I believe they are doing an excellent job of promoting beef to consumers and informing the public about what ranchers do and why we have such a safe, sustainable and delicious product to offer them. As ranchers, our job is to raise the best cattle we can and the Montana Beef Council helps create a strong demand for the beef we produce so that we have markets demanding those cattle.

Lynda Grande lives in Columbus, Montana and is Vice-President of the Grande Ranch Company of Martinsdale.  She is a past State President of the Montana CattleWomen association.

Producer Request to Retain Beef Checkoff Assessments Form

Producer Consent Form Examples

Montana Cattlewomen Award Scholarship for 55th Year

Headshot PeterThe 2017 Montana Cattlewomen’s Memorial Scholarship has been awarded to Peter Taylor, who has completed his first year at the Alexander Blewett III School of Law, University of Montana. Peter is a third generation participant in his family’s ranching business near Kirby, MT.

Peter was one of five highly qualified applicants for the scholarship.

Peter earned his B.A. degree in Geology and Governmental Studies at Bowdoin College, graduating in 2000. He returned to the ranch and has actively served on the Montana Farm Bureau Federation Board for several years. It is that position which opened his eyes to the breadth of litigation facing farming and ranching in Montana and also renewed in him a desire to attend law school and take a more active role in defending our industry.

Peter is the son of Walter and Lila Taylor. Peter and his wife Amanda have 3 young daughters. He says that ranching is “in his blood”, and he looks forward to being a knowledgeable voice for ranching in the courtroom.

The Montana Cattlewomen’s Scholarship is in the amount of $1000 and is funded through memorials. This scholarship was established in 1963, which makes this the 55thconsecutive year it has been awarded to a worthy student.

As a voice for the producer, Peter will surely be an asset to the agriculture and livestock industry. Congratulations, Peter. The Montana Cattlewomen are proud to invest in you!

Beef Recipes for Small Plates Entertaining

Whether planning a casual gathering or stylish event, small plates are an easy and elegant way to please a crowd. Beef is ideal for entertaining, so serve a variety of simple, yet sophisticated beef bites that are a snap to put together.

We’re providing a flavorful collection of appetizers to tantalize your readers. Each beef starter can be prepared in three or four easy steps using a handful of readily available ingredients that showcase a variety of tastes and textures.

Try these recipes and time-saving tips that will make you a faster – and smarter – cook.

Steak Kabobs with Caramelized Onion Relish

– Dovetail your prep. While the onion relish simmers in the skillet, cut, season and skewer the steak. We’ve included directions for oven broiling and grilling to offer flexibility. Either way, they’re fabulous dipped into the tangy relish!

Grilled Salsa Steak Appetizer – Start with ready-made salsa for a fast flavor marinade for the steaks. Sort the tortilla chips on a tray and start the assembly line, topping with salsa, grilled steak slices and guacamole. Garnish with cilantro leaves for a flavorful flourish.

Spicy Buffalo-Style Meatballs – Make ground beef meatballs a day or two ahead and refrigerate. Fully reheat on the day of the party, toss with the hot sauce mixture and serve with snappy blue cheese dressing and celery sticks. Frozen fully-cooked meatballs are also an option if you’re really pressed for time!

Perfect for times where conversation is key, small plates make the usual cocktail party even more festive with a delightful array of many options. You don’t need to sacrifice time and money to earn rave reviews from your guests!