Montana CattleWomen growing and plan Fall education events

Montana CattleWomen is excited to announce the addition of two new local groups who will be joining us for the New Year. If any CattleWomen from Cascade and Custer County are interested in joining them, contact MCW. The Montana Beef Council granted our project funding requests for 2015 and with their financial support, we will be able to continue with our educational and promotional activities.

MCW will take part in the NILE education days in Billings, October 15-18. We will have seven minutes with each group of students to present information on grazing practices, importance of minerals and vaccinations, and we go through the cheeseburger, ZIP and beef by products kits. I realize this seems like a lot of info in such a small time, but the students do learn and enjoy the sessions.

The Beef Education packets will be mailed to the Family & Consumer Science Teachers soon. Remember to ask your local teacher if they use or order the material offered to them and encourage them to utilize this year’s information. The cost of this project is covered by the $0.50 of your beef check off dollars that stay in state.

If you ever have any questions concerning MCW, just contact me, Wanda Pinnow, 406.978.3521.