The Annual Dues for Montana CattleWomen, Inc. can be summarized by the following:

  • Active state membership- $25
    Individuals actively engaged or interested in beef industry.
  • Active/foundation herd membership- $50
    $25.00 annual dues + $25.00 contribution toward legislative advocacy. 
  • Associate membership- $50.00
    Associations, companies, corporations, individuals, organizations, or partnerships expressing interest in objectives of Montana CattleWomen, Inc.
  • American National CattleWomen, Inc- $60
    Basic Membership

Download the Montana CattleWomen Membership Form

Montana CattleWomen Local Affiliate Application

For more information on membership, contact Treasurer, Lorrie Vennes
420 N. California, Helena 59601

The Montana CattleWomen local group that recruits the most new members will receive a “BEEF” sign for their local group along with their name in the drawing for a Montana Silversmith signage. They will also be reimbursed for their Affiliate dues.