2020 Montana CattleWomen Annual Convention


Thank you, Bank of Baker. Our 2020 Annual Convention's Spotlight Sponsor


2020 BOD

 MT CattleWomen Executive Board (from left to right)

Wanda Pinnow, President Advisor
Connie Ahlgren, Immediate Past President
Sarah Swenson, President
Jill Herold, President-Elect
Suze Bohleen, Vice-President

2020 BOD 1

 MT CattleWomen Board of Directors

(left to right): Samantha Ferrat, Parliamentarian; Kelsi Gambill, District 3; Wanda Pinnow, President Advisor; Connie Ahlgren, Immediate Past President; Sarah Swenson, President; Jill Herold, President-Elect; Suze Bohleen, Vice President; Brenda Berg, District 4; Vikki Taylor, Beef Promotion; Toni Reetz, District 4; and Dawn Schooley, District 3.

 (not pictured): Alison Kellom, District 1; Kylee Dellwo, District 1; Kari Marks, District 2; Karla Johnson, District 2; and Heather Fryer, Beef Council Representative.


The Montana Ranch Run


August 28, 2021

Lennep, MT

 2020 Ranch run sponsors