2021 Montana CattleWomen Annual Convention


2021 DATES

November 15 – 17, 2021 | Northern & DoubleTree Hotels





2020 BOD

 MT CattleWomen Executive Board (from left to right)

Wanda Pinnow, President Advisor
Connie Ahlgren, Immediate Past President
Sarah Swenson, President
Jill Herold, President-Elect
Suze Bohleen, Vice-President

2020 BOD 1

 MT CattleWomen Board of Directors

(left to right): Samantha Ferrat, Parliamentarian; Kelsi Gambill, District 3; Wanda Pinnow, President Advisor; Connie Ahlgren, Immediate Past President; Sarah Swenson, President; Jill Herold, President-Elect; Suze Bohleen, Vice President; Brenda Berg, District 4; Vikki Taylor, Beef Promotion; Toni Reetz, District 4; and Dawn Schooley, District 3.

 (not pictured): Alison Kellom, District 1; Kylee Dellwo, District 1; Kari Marks, District 2; Karla Johnson, District 2; and Heather Fryer, Beef Council Representative.


The Montana Ranch Run


2021 Postponed due to Fires and Smoke

Lennep, MT

 2020 Ranch run sponsors